Gadgets360 Oct 12, 2017 11:50 am
BlackBerry Signs Licence Agreement With Florida's BLU, Ends Patent Dispute


  • BlackBerry signed a new license agreement with BLU Products Inc
  • The agreement seeks to end patent disputes between the two
  • Canada's BlackBerry filed lawsuits against Florida-based BLU in 2016

BlackBerry Ltd said on Thursday it signed a new licence agreement with BLU Products Inc, a Florida-based maker of low-end Android phones, that would end patent disputes between the two companies.

Canada's BlackBerry filed lawsuits against BLU in 2016, as part of the handset-maker-turned-software-company's move to make cash off a bunch of technology patents it had collected in its heyday.

Thursday's agreement will include on-going payments from BLU to BlackBerry, the companies said, but did not give further details.

The settlement will allow BlackBerry "to focus on further licensing opportunities in the mobile communications market," said Jerald Gnuschke, senior director of Intellectual Property Licensing at BlackBerry.

BlackBerry, which holds about 40,000 worldwide patents and applications, has been long been focusing on software sales and licensing after its once-popular phones lost out to Apple and others in the smartphone industry.

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