"Haven't Checked Virat Kohli's Palm": Sunil Gavaskar On India's Chances In World Cup 2019

NDTV Mar 14, 2019 01:29 pm
Sunil Gavaskar also said he would be hoping India lifts the World Cup 2019.
Sunil Gavaskar spoke about Virat Kohli's palm when asked about India's World Cup chances. © AFP

Sunil Gavaskar has differed from most former cricketers ahead of the World Cup 2019 as he declined to make any predictions for the marquee tournament. While India and hosts England are touted as the favourites to clinch the World Cup, Gavaskar addressed the question by saying, he hasn't been able to check India skipper Virat Kohli's palm to make any prediction and sidelined the question. However, the 1983 World Cup winner said he is hoping that his nation lifts the World Cup trophy.

"I would be very happy to answer the question, (but) unfortunately I haven't been able to check Virat Kohli's palm...I cannot answer the question (but) I am hoping that India wins the World Cup," Gavaskar said.

Gavaskar, meanwhile, slammed the MCC's recommendation that single-make balls be used in Test cricket, saying that it would be "unfortunate" if the suggestion, which will take away the challenge of playing in overseas conditions, is considered seriously.

The World Cricket Committee of the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), called the custodian of the game's laws, has proposed the use of a standard ball in the inaugural World Test Championship, which takes place after the World Cup in May-July.

"Now we are hearing that they (MCC) are taking about standardising the ball, you might as well standardise the pitches, you might as well standardise the bat, you might as well standardise everything...What's the big deal in playing cricket... (there is this) whole idea of going overseas and winning... because you are playing in different conditions," Gavaskar said.

The batting great also said playing in home and overseas conditions form the essence of Test cricket.

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