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You can fuse Maggi noodles with pav bhaji for an unconventional dish.
You can fuse Maggi noodles with pav bhaji for an unconventional dish.

Often, a little bit of garnishing or adding that extra ingredient completely changes the look and taste of a dish. Here are 5 ways you can make regular food exciting:

1. Bring two of your favourite dishes together

There are a number of times when you have to choose between two of your favourite dishes. But you don’t always need to. Instead, experiment and try bringing them into one. For instance, you can try serving Maggi noodles with pav bhaji.

2. Work on convenience

Nobody likes the mess after a cooking session. The lesser amount of time spent cleaning up, the better it is. So, opt for food that can be had on the go. A flatbread topped with chunks of chicken tikka is a great way to whip up a no-mess meal.

3. Bring two cuisines together

Fusion food never fails to add a twist to otherwise plain dishes. Marry chilli chicken and crisp noodles in schezwan sauce with tandoori roti to add a twist to your dinner. Let your imagination run wild here. After all, many dishes were discovered during such experiments.

Make fruit chutneys to make your dish exciting.

4. Throw in some fruit

Fruits always add an element of freshness to any dish. Fruit chutneys are an easy way of doing this. Think blueberry chutney with chicken tikka, apricot chutney with lamb kebabs, and so on.

5. Present it in an unconventional way

Presentation makes a huge difference to the way one looks at a dish. It could be something as simple as using a different kind of a plate. Garnishes are another such way. For example, if you’re making a salad, garnish it with Nori sheets or rice wine to make it unusual.

- Inputs by Mihir Bijur, owner, Door No.1

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