These mistakes should be avoided by men while picking underwear

Hindustan Times Mar 05, 2019 04:08 am
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It’s high time you take care of your underwear requirements because it has direct access to your skin for the whole day.(Shutterstock)

Of all the things men procrastinate about, one of the most important things they should pay attention to is the intimate affair with their innerwear. Why? It’s in direct contact with the body and hence there are countless ways to get skin rashes and infections. You’re only safe if you make sure that your innerwear is breathable and comfortable. Make innerwear hygiene essential by avoiding these simple mistakes.


It’s high time you take care of your underwear requirements because it has direct access to your skin for the whole day. Designs of all sorts are available for your choice of fabric, design, fit and style. It’s important to identify the purpose - whether it’s for sleeping, your date night or just casual wear. If you’re looking at underwear for formal wear, make sure to pick the ones that don’t bunch or gives wedgies. Boxers aren’t the right pick to be worn underneath formal wear or for gym wear either. Always choose boxers for sleepwear as it lets you and your body parts breathe while you sleep.

All about comfort

Boxers give the best breathability and are great for hitting the hay or for a casual hang out. However, it should be strictly avoided for high-intensity sports or activities. So, when you head to the gym, keep boxers at bay and opt for something that offers full support.

Size matters

There’s a style for every body type and size so that you don’t have to struggle to fit in, literally speaking. The perfect fitting can accentuate your physique and that’s the way to go about it. If your thighs have marks from the leg bands digging into your skin, then you are wearing a size smaller. If your waistband slips when you bend, then you are wearing a size bigger. A perfect size will assure you don’t go through completely avoidable wardrobe malfunctions and also help prevent rashes in your intimate areas.


If you’re a health freak or involved in some kind of physical activity on a daily basis, you need good support. Boxer briefs, trunks, and briefs are some of the options you could go for. The jockstrap is new in the Indian innerwear market. It provides full support at the front for high-intensity sport and acts as a guard for contact sports.

Material matters

Synthetic traps moisture and heat and is hence a breeding ground for yeast infections. Avoid these and go for material like micromodal instead. It’s 3X softer than cotton helps you stay dry at all times. Try waistbands with microfiber for a good and comfortable grip.

- Inputs by Mr. Yogesh Kabra, CEO and Founder of XYXX

First Published: Mar 05, 2019 09:37 IST

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