Prakash Raj’s comment about actors in politics draws ire, he clarifies

Hindustan Times Nov 12, 2017 11:07 am
Prakash Raj speaks about politics and patriotism at a press meet in Bengaluru on Sunday.
Prakash Raj speaks about politics and patriotism at a press meet in Bengaluru on Sunday.

Actor Prakash Raj held a press meet on Sunday in Bengaluru where he spoke about a wide range of things - from actors joining politics to national anthem in theaters. One of his comments as quoted by ANI was, “Film actors becoming leaders is a disaster for my country.”

His comments went viral on social media, and Prakash Raj had to clarify what he actually meant. He took to Twitter and wrote, “Look how they distort what u say..clarifying on and all. This is what I said on ACTORS. coming into politics IN today’s press meet …”

“They distort what you say again. This is what I said… Actors should not enter into politics only because they are popular. It’s a disaster. They should come with a clear perception of the issues facing the country and win the trust of the people. And we should not vote as fans. But as responsible citizens (sic),” the tweet said.

About joining politics himself, Prakash Raj was also quoted as saying “I’m not joining any political party. I don’t like actors joining politics because they are actors & have fans. They should always stay aware about their responsibility towards them.”

He was also asked about playing the national anthem at the theaters and he said, “I don’t think someone should stand in cinema hall and show his or her patriotism.”

Other than the latest comments, Prakash Raj has been writing weekly columns about societal reforms and politics, in Kannada dailies. His tweets are hashtagged #Justasking, and through them he questions and comments on politics everyday.

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